Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ride up the butt underwear, ugh!

I'll bet his underwear doesn't ride up his ass. Men... are so lucky. Plus they have nice things to play with stuffed in their underthings.

These last few days I've been hanging with my sister in Portland. Not really having anything that we have to do, we decided to go to the mall because I'm looking for a set of Japanese Katana swords for DH's birthday and since they are expensive, I thought maybe I could find a set here in OR where there is no sales tax.

So we're walking around and we end up in Soma Intimates, a lingerie store a lot like Victoria's Secret, but which I've never been to before. My sister was raving about these panties called Vanishing Edge that they sell that has soft rubber edges so they supposedly don't ride up your ass, and she wanted to get some more.

She swears by them, so I decided to buy a few to try, even though I found the perfect underwear for me years ago with Hanes Sporties. Ok, so they are sporty and not really that sexy, but I'm a practical girl and I HATE when underwear rides up my butt and these don't. I've tried everything. The Victoria's Secret underwear, which stated doesn't ride up the butt, but did and cost me bucks, and also the line of Hanes which claims gives no wedgies, but does as well. So I only wear Hanes Sporties. And being that they are really cheap, I can keep up my fetish of having like 30 pairs at any given time.

The thing is, you know, being a chick, I do like to have some frilly underthings. Frankly, until my mid 40's when I started to gain weight, I was thin enough to wear nice lacy underwear and I miss it sometimes. And I'm so not ready to go the route of the granny pantie. OMG, I won't be caught dead in them, no way-- no how. Maybe when I'm in my 60's, maybe.

So I buy 3 pairs of the bikini type because I'm not built for French cut or briefs styles, they definitely ride up. They were on sale 3 for $27, which was good since they are normally $12.95.

The next day, I have my shower and I'm all excited to put on my new, lacy panties and they feel OK. Not as comfortable as the Sporty, but OK. I walk around the house all morning and all is fine and I'm thinking, wow, I finally found some sexier underwear that doesn't ride up the butt. Riiiight.

Heh, too bad they don't sell the body with the undies, because I so look like this in my underwear. *snrk*

Later on, we went out to Fred Meyers to do some major food and sundries shopping and the first thing that happens is that my new panties start creeping up my butt. Not only that, but (Warning TMI) being a trimmed up chickie, everything started itching like hell down there because I think the lace was sticking/ grabbing to... um stubble, and I started going insane. Literally. We were walking around and I kept trying to surreptitiously, and outright after a while, scratching at my crotch and picking at my butt to get the underwear out of it. Oh yeah, THAT is very sexy. *snrk*

My grade on no ride up Vanishing Edge Soma Intimate panties? F

Looks like I'm sticking by my old faithful Hanes Sporties.

And don't get me started on bras. Ugh!


kirsten saell said...

Great review!

Underpants are a deeply important issue for me, especially if they end up deeply wedged up my butt-crack. Took me a looooonnnnnng time, but I finally found some affordable ones I like. Hanes microfiber bikinis. Flattering, don't cut into my fat, don't ride up my butt. Not as obviously sporty as your faves, and they come in pretty colors, too!

Kathy K said...

Sheesh... women's underwear leaves a LOT to be desired... unless you've got a teeny little body upon which you can wear ANYTHING... Yeah, so not me... never was and certainly never will now!

I'll bet his underwear doesn't ride up his ass. Men... are so lucky. Plus they have nice things to play with stuffed in their underthings.
And oh I do so love the intro to this blog... Yum-my! And funny... "things to play with stuffed in their underthings." Yeah right! ROFLOL

JenB said...

Ah yes, the discreet crotch scratch. The butt wiggle works pretty well, but you have to be sitting on a chair that doesn't squeak.

Guys are lucky. They can scratch themselves and rearrange their junk in public, and nobody gives a damn.

Oh man, the bra conversation could last for hours. Lacy bra = chapped, itchy nipples that you can't scratch. Ugh.

MB (Leah) said...

Kirsten-- I think it's a big issue for many women because of, hellooo, all these lines of underwear that are specifically designed to not ride up the butt.

What's really funny is that my sister and I got the same size even though she's a bit heavier and yet, hers don't ride. So I guess it's all in the build and we are built differently.

I would like sexy underwear, but I did get a compliment from my acupuncturist one day when she opened my pants to put a needle above my crotch and said "oh what pretty underwear" LOL

MB (Leah) said...

"things to play with stuffed in their underthings." Yeah right! ROFLOL

Oh if only they would sell mens underwear with the toys attached. I'd buy up the wharehouse. LOL

On that note, while I was waiting for my sis to come out of the bathroom, I was just by the mens underwear and noticed that the pic on all the packages shows a hunky man who is definitely well endowed or semi hard and I wondered why they would have a pic like that geared towards guys to buy that underwear?

Maybe it's because many girlfriends and wives buy their guys' underwear? Or maybe because men think they'll have a huge one like that if they buy that underwear? Weird, but nice for me to look at while waiting. ; )

MB (Leah) said...

Oh man, the bra conversation could last for hours. Lacy bra = chapped, itchy nipples that you can't scratch. Ugh.

Heh, I can only wear Victoria Secret ones. Try finding a well fitting bra if your fairly flat chested with a wider rib cage. WE DON'T EXIST. I finally got fitted by a sales clerk at VS and got the perfect bra that feels comfortable. If they stop making them I'm so screwed, which is why I bought a bunch in several colors.

Sedonia Guillone said...

I'm with you on the Hanes thing. I wear them too in the bikini style. They're the only ones that are really comfortable for me except for Fruit of the Loom in the exact same style.

MB (Leah) said...

Sedonia-- I pretty much love anything Hanes. Their T-shirts, sweats, undershirts and for the longest time, until I got fitted for a proper bra, they had a sports type bra that looked more like a real bra than the sports type and they were the most comfortable.

I think I keep 30 underwear because I'm always scared that they might stop making my favorites.

Sedonia Guillone said...

Good idea. So many times I've had a product that's the only one good for me get taken off the market because there wasn't enough demand for them. As for bras, that's also a tough one for me. There's only one kind made exclusively for JC Penney that works for me. I can only hope they still have them next time I go to get bras! lol

MB (Leah) said...

Yeah, actually it was the fact that those Hanes bras that I like so much were taken off the market that compelled me to finally get a proper fitting.

Now, see, I have to go to VS and get some more bras tomorrow since it's been a few years. I'm scared now that they won't have mine. Ack!

Sedonia Guillone said...

Oh no! I didn't meant to make you scared!

MB (Leah) said...

Heh, no, you didn't. I actually thought about it when I was in Soma with my sis that I need to check if my brand is still being made. They're always coming up with new stuff.

Sedonia Guillone said...

That's a relief! I hope you're able to find your bras. PS I like your blog very much.

Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

How cruel you can be. Granny panties for when you're over 60. LOL! That hits too close to home. I could tell you what else you'll need in your granny panties but I'll keep that bit to myself.


MB (Leah) said...

Sedonia- me too. And Thank you! :D

Marie-Nicole, buwahaha! Umm... I take care of the elderly, I know exactly what else I'll be needing in my granny panties and probably by the time I'm in my 60's, which isn't that far away. I know exactly what my future holds.

And I'm just the type to walk into the drug store shouting, where are those things that I need to have, for all the world to hear. LOL

Bev(QB) said...

OMG, wedgies can NOT be endured. EVER. I swear by the Barely There microfiber panties. I get them from Kohl's usually but they are available other places. I don't think I've EVER gotten a wedgie from them. Plus they're soft, lightweight. I can't imagine that the rubber edge on your sis's panties is too comfortable in the summer.

"Heh, I can only wear Victoria Secret ones. Try finding a well fitting bra if your fairly flat chested with a wider rib cage. WE DON'T EXIST."

Add in the fact that slipping bra straps drive me bugfucking nuts so I only buy front close T-Backs and you've got why I REALLY hate bra shopping.

I mean really, just because I'm not a size 2 does not mean I am busty. Nor does it mean that I need or want those damn fugly "women's" size bras, which come in too-large cup sizes.

So I SQUEEZE into a 38B from VS (which are GREAT padded push-ups) when what I really need is a 40B. Try to find a 40B anywhere, let alone a nice flattering push-up one, because it's an in-between size, meaning in-between the sexy bras and the matronly bras so there's like maybe 2 styles available in the whole country (neither of which are front hook or T-Back).

MB (Leah) said...

I swear by the Barely There microfiber panties

I wish mine came in micro fiber. I love that material, but I think I tried the micro fiber ones from Hanes and they rode up. Maybe I'm just built funny. OK, I am. LOL

I mean really, just because I'm not a size 2 does not mean I am busty

See, I just don't get this. I think there are lots of women who aren't busty but have a wider rib cage, but who also aren't heavy, which was me for most of my life.

I'm kind of boyish in my build and the waist to hip ratio isn't that much different and I can't tell you how hard it's been to find pants that fit right. If I get for my waist size then the hips look like elephant pants. When I was a teen I bought Levi's guy pants because they just fit me better and I always have to buy the slim cut in Levi's or I look ridiculous.

It's the same with bras. I didn't have boobs, I was thin, but had a wide rib cage, so it's just assumed that my boobs would be bigger if I went with a 36.

So I SQUEEZE into a 38B from VS (which are GREAT padded push-ups) when what I really need is a 40B.

Hmm... I hate padded bras, but I do like the "Body by VS" which are not padded but add a bit. When I got fitted and tried on what I usually wore, which was a 36A, the girl told me that I was really a 36B and I told her that I loved her. LOL

But for me it's always been that to get the right cup fit I've had to go with a tighter band width and I've always been so uncomfortable in a bra until I found these, which is why I went most of my life without wearing one unless I was wearing something really tight, or see through.

Now, during the winter I still go bra-less most of the time because I can wear bulky clothes that cover up the fact that I'm not wearing one. I just hate them, HATE them.

JenB said...

Bev, Cacique makes bras in size 40B. You have to go to Lane Bryant (or to get the Cacique brand, but they're worth it if you're not opposed to buying from a plus-size shop. There are several different varieties and they're frequently on sale. And don't worry--they look like regular bras, not fat granny bras.

Bev(QB) said...

Thanks Jen. It's been awhile since I checked LB out.

Oh, and MB, here's the link for the Barely There website. Like I said I get them from Kohls, but they are sold other places too. I like the briefs best, but I also have a few of the hi-cut and those don't give wedgies either. Really, their micro-fiber is truly "put 'em on and forget them".

MB (Leah) said...

Thank Bev. I'll check it out. When I was much thinner I did wear microfibers undies. Love the material.

Shelli Stevens said...

I love the underpants discussion!! It is like the perfect quest for the non-riding ones! And I really think it varies because each butt is so different. I actually do the cotton ones at V.S. because they don't ride (which I discovered on accident). They're not the sexiest but so comfy for me.

I haven't tried the Hanes one! They're pretty cute!!

MB (Leah) said...

Shelli, yes, this is an issue of grave importance. LOL And a quest it's been!

Get's even more questy as I age and my butt is heading ever more towards the east coast, while being firmly planted in the west. snrk

Bridget Locke said...

I came in late to this convo, but I feel ya!

I'm a big fan of the fruit of the loom hi-cut brief. I don't have issues with wedgies and that makes me happy.

As for bras, the best ones (and I'm kind of big on top) are made by Lane Bryant. They're called Cacique and they are, without a doubt, the most comfortable bras I've ever found. When you consider I've been wearing bras since I was 9 and I'm now 32, this is saying something. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I hate to point this out, but guy's underwear ride up too. No need to say men are lucky in that category.

Ashley Wilcox said...

Omg I wear hanes her way no ride up briefs and they work fine! And ima 25 year old woman. However i do stay in style I wear all kinds (granny panty,briefs,hipsters,thong,tanga)I do not have any wedgie problems,That might be thought because well *giggles* I kinda have a wedgie fetish, I like when my sexy/cute panties ride up my butt mm sexy feeling