Monday, September 29, 2008

Review- Passion of Isis by Madelynne Ellis

Passion of Isis
By Madelynne Ellis
Oct. 2005
Erotica Contemporary

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Adie Hamilton is young, ambitious and wants to make a name for herself in Egyptology, but when Killian Carmichael invites her to join his prestigious research team at the desert necropolis of Saqqara it's not all dusty tombs and broken pots. Whilst Adie is drawn into the search for the vital missing fragment of an erotic mural, Dareth Sadler, the charismatic leader of a cult hooked on sex magic, and Killian's bitter rival, arrives to threaten the future of the project. Sadler knows a whole range of erotic dirty tricks, so it's up to Adie to keep one step ahead The result is a sultry journey of discovery and naked ambition set in the stormy desert landscape of Egyptian monuments and ancient, sybaritic secrets.

I have to be honest here in saying that since reading A Gentleman’s Wager and Phantasmagoria, I’ve definitely become a Madelynne Ellis fangirl and am reading her backlist now. While Passion of Isis doesn’t have the dark intense passion of those books, it’s a very well written, fun, erotic mystery. Even though a contemporary, being set the world of archeology in Egypt gave it an air of exoticness that made it feel almost like a historical set in modern times. And of course, Madelynne Ellis' usual array of interesting and colorful characters is present as well.

There are several things that I really loved about this book. One, I thought Madelynne Ellis got the feel of Egypt down very well. I’ve never been to Egypt, but I’ve lived in Israel and I’ve been an expat and the whole aura of being an expat in a Middle Eastern country was captured brilliantly. I felt immediately that I was there in Egypt and frankly I really got off on that part of the book. And I liked the whole juxtaposition between ancient vibe of Egypt and its history with modern technologies like the use of internet and such.

Next, I really enjoyed the characters in this story. Adie and Killian, the main characters of course, but the secondary characters added so much flavor as well. Madelynne Ellis is so good at creating unique and interesting characters whose personalities and interactions could be the story itself.

Adie, the heroine, is such feisty and appealing character. She’s very ambitious and won’t take no for an answer, many times directly opposing orders given to her. In order to impress Killian and to satisfy her lust for finding new treasures, she ends up tripping through one sexual experience after another with several shady characters to get information and save Killian’s career. All the while, she’s trying her best to maneuver her way into Killian’s heart and pants.

Killian comes off as a cool, emotionless workaholic who can’t be seduced. There’s a huge mystery surrounding his past that Adie is dying to find out about, but being so reticent, he’s not easy to approach. Killian is more affected by Adie than he lets on though and he’s having a hard time keeping his mind on the work at hand. Oh and dude has white hair. I just love that a young hero has white hair. It’s very sexy and makes him really stand out.

Dareth Sadler is deliciously evil, using anyone and everyone to keep up his cult-like celebrity status as a leading authority in the field of erotic mythology based on artifacts found in Egyptian tombs. He was responsible for Killian’s tarnished reputation and is back to use him again.

Anton, one of my favorite characters, is a dark, intense, good looking mysterious character who shows up everywhere and seduces Adie sexually. He’s very vague in his motives for getting involved with Adie and we don’t really know if he’s a good guy or bad guy until the end. He added a nice dark cryptic and erotic touch to the whole story.

Mainly though, although there were lots of unique, creative, really hot sexual scenarios, some bordering on light BDSM, there was also an excellent, fast moving plot including mystery and intrigue within the world of Egyptian archeology, which is what kept the pages turning for me.

Passion of Isis is one of those erotic books of substance that are a fun, light, quick read and which leaves you feeling good with a HFN ending for all.

Sex rating: Crotchless panty: m/f, light BDSM, minor anal, voyeur masterbation, Round Robin Blow job.

Grade: A-


Madelynne Ellis said...

It's so long since I wrote this book I had to pause and think over the "Round Robin Blow job".

Thanks for another lovely review. It's a relief when people say I seem to have got Egypt right since I've never been there. Someday, maybe...

Glad you like Killian's white hair. I always have.

Bev(QB) said...

HEH! This is like deja vu all over again.

I pimp Madelynne's Georgians to you, and you pimp her Contemps to me.

MB (Leah) said...

Bev- LOL yeah, this one has a feel of a historical, but has, ya know, cell phones and the internet. :D

Madelynne- oh yeah, loved the white hair. I love it when an author dares to be a bit different. I mean who has a lead guy with white hair who's young?

And of course, I loved the book.

JenB said...

Oooh, I want this!!

I love Egypt. Yum!