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Review- Bed of Lies by Pam Champagne

Bed of Lies
by Pam Champagne
June 19, 2007
Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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Can separated soul mates learn to trust each other again before a ruthless killer ends their second chance?

Drug Enforcement Agent Ace Bear returns to Spruce Harbor, Maine to investigate a deadly drug ring. He’s prepared to deal with the town’s bigotry against his Cree heritage, but when he comes face-to-face with the woman he loved twelve years ago, passion flares. He realizes the ties between them cannot be broken.

Brenna McKenzie is furious the man who deserted her the day their infant daughter died has dared to show his face. When she discovers why Ace is in town, however, fear for her brother, who she suspects is a drug addict, forces her to swallow her animosity. Ace’s return ignites a chain of events and soon Brenna’s own life is in jeopardy.

As Brenna and Ace struggle to understand the treachery that once ripped them apart, they fight to stay one step ahead of the danger that threatens to put an end to their reunion—and their lives.

Bed of Lies is both a heart breaking and sweet love story with a complex and engrossing suspense plot that kept me intrigued until the end.

Brenna, who is a very strong and likable character, has to endure one emotional blow after another through out this story and it can really break your heart. I felt so pained for her because I could feel how much she is affected by it all, and yet, I admired her that she feels no self pity. And she has to deal with the one of the worst emotional blows ever, finding out that the very people who should have loved her the most, betrayed and lied to her in a most horrific and manipulative way.

Ace Bear has also been deceived. Told that Brenna, whom he was so deeply in love with, gave up their baby, and having been set up for a crime he didn’t commit, he left twelve years before to pick up the pieces of his life and has become a DEA official. When he comes back to Spruce Harbor, all those memories and his love for Brenna come back full force. But Ace has a secret he’s hiding from Brenna as well, and her knowing it could doom the renewed budding of their love.

You know what I loved about how these two related? They were very real. Both of them have suffered a lot of emotional heartbreak. Brenna is a strong woman who deals with things straight on, yet she allows herself to really grieve. And Ace is a real guy as well. He knew some of the truth of what really went down twelve years before and had the power to change things, but his deep hurt over thinking that Brenna would give up their baby kept him from coming to Brenna and telling her what he knows. I found that to be a very real reaction and not one contrived for the sake of creating tension.

When Brenna finds out what Ace was hiding, she reacts in a very real way also. He did something really awful to her as well and she doesn’t just let it go so easily because she loves him and it would so much easier for what she really wants to just let it go and be with him. And Ace doesn’t coddle her by making her think it will all be OK, even though he wants her desperately. They both have to come to terms with old and new hurts that came about due to others’ manipulating them and they do it in a realistic way. Though there is an HEA in this book, the characters get there by giving each other space enough to come to terms with all the hurt and pain and I really liked that.

I also loved that when they came together physically the first time, they both wanted to pick up where they left off and try for another baby. How relaxing was that? Usually when making babies are involved in a romance, it’s because of an “accident.” But Brenna was so devastated by what happened with their first baby that Ace readily agrees to try for another to give her that, even though they are not concretely together as a couple at that point. It totally had the feeling of “coming home” that you can feel when you come together with someone that you’ve loved and been separated from. It’s a very comfortable and deeply relaxing feeling.

The suspense plot was well done and interesting as well. Someone is bringing some serious drugs into the community and Ace has a personal investment in finding out who it is. Not only as a DEA agent, but as a member of the Cree tribe, whose other members are getting hooked on this stuff. There is also the fact that someone is trying to kill Brenna. And when members of her own family start dying, the heat is turned up for Ace to find out what is going on. Although not really having the tension of a nail biter, the mystery of this story did keep me guessing and turning the pages.

Sex rating: Thong: very mild, mainstream sexual language and situations.

Grade: B+


Pam Champagne said...

Thank you Madame Butterfly for your kind review and an even bigger thank you for getting "it." Some reviewers didn't.

Pam Champagne

Madame Butterfly said...

Hi Pam- I don't really know what "it" is, but I wrote my review based on how I experienced it. It was a good story.